The director of Kenya's National Youth Service, Richard Ndubai, appeared for a preliminary hearing in Nairobi after he was arrested on fraud charges/photo/courtesy

A tough speaking President Uhuru issued a stern warning to those involved in graft scandals saying that they should carry their own crosses.

Wewe uliiba peke yako, chukua msalaba wako peke yako. Hatutaki tena siasa duni ya kugawanya watu. Wewe ni mwizi, utafungwa na ulale jela (If you are a thief, you will carry your own cross)”, said Uhuru.

On Tuesday 24 of 54 suspects were hit with a raft of fraud charges, including the director of the National Youth Service (NYS), Richard Ndubai, and the principal secretary in the youth ministry, Lilian Omollo .All pleaded not gulty.

Uhuru  also told off those who have been criticising his handshake with Opposition leader Raila Odinga saying he is ready to work with all Kenyans.

“Many out here are criticizing me saying ‘what is that you did to go talk with Raila?’ Raila is a Kenyan and I have a right to talk all people whose aim is to see our country go forward. We don’t want divisions anymore,” he said.

Uhuru assured Kenyans that property stolen from Kenyans would be recovered.
“We shall recover all the stolen money. There will be no mercy for the thieves. Their days are numbered. They will be prosecuted and jailed,” he said in a statement.

The president further urged leaders to shun divisive politics and works towards developing the country.

“Kwa viongozi wenzangu, wacheni siasa ya uchafu. Let us come together. Let’s join hands. Let’s understand that the future belongs to us.”

The President was speaking at the Jacaranda grounds in Embakasi East, Nairobi where he presented 50,000 title deeds to Embakasi residents.



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