Ms. Kamande was found guilty of stabbing Farid Mohammed 22 times in 2015 in Nairobi./photo/courtesy

Miss Lang’ata Prison 2016 beauty pageant winner Ruth Kamande was sentenced to death for the murder of her boyfriend.

Delivering her ruling, High Court judge Jessie Lesiit said she handed the maximum punishment to serve as an example to young people from engaging in such offences.

“I want young people to know that it is not cool to kill your boyfriend or girlfriend, even if you are disappointed or frustrated, don’t do it, it is good to walk away and thereafter forgive,” said the judge. Here are five good relationship lessons to learn where you are in the same incident like Miss Lang’ata Prison 2016 beauty pageant winner Ruth Kamande

You’ve heard it all. Suck it up. Let it go. Move on.

Anger isn’t worth it. Right?

When you’re angry, it’s a red flag that something needs to change, and when you’re extremely angry, something needs to change right now.

  1. Walk away if you are angry during a confrontation.

Wait until you are sober to have a conversation. That way, you are able to address it in a more objective manner.

  1. You shouldn’t keep arguing

Staying in the conversation when you have difficulty modulating your anger makes it likely you’ll say things you’ll regret.

  1. Take time out

If you find yourself really angry, relax, take a deep breath and even walk out of the room to catch some air. Taking some time out helps clear the mind and helps you to reason clearly. You can also get in some exercises or watch the replays of recent concluded World cup or movie

  1. Discuss Your Anger with Someone Trustworthy

When you’re having a frustrating day or going through something that’s causing ongoing stress in your life, find someone trustworthy to talk to. This can be a family member, a close friend, or someone you work with. Even if they don’t offer specific advice, the simple act of sharing what’s bothering you might help you find a solution.

  1. Think before you act

Do not do anything blindly in the heat of the moment. Anger and frustration tends to make us lose our sense and things could turn horrible





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