A child is born, and the whole village is in a state of elation. Everybody wants to know the gender of the baby. Finally, the word ran so fast, like a fire in the dry forest. “It is a baby girl.”

Some are happy, but in the truth unquestionably established, the mother is worried on how fast the years will pass and this kid will soon grow into a mature lady.

True to the fears of my mum, it is exactly 24 years since the day I took the path that led me to this restless world. Many events have come and go. Love on the other side hasn’t slipped my fingers. I have not lost traction to it. Am so much in love with Ronnie. Our love is at the peak. Four good years of knowing, loving and cherishing each other.

My birthday coincides with my wedding day. My heart is carrying canon of emotions, but am peaceful, my nerves are calm as I take my wedding vows.

“I,Nuru take you Ronnie, to be my husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.”

The crowd went wild with cheers and whistles, but my thoughts are quickly shifting from this jubilation to our honeymoon.


All roads led to Jomo Kenyatta international Airport .My honeymoon is beckoning, “Zanzibar here I come.” I said this with my dimples sinking deep into my cheeks. I can’t stop smiling, my dreams are coming true.

I remember that night like it was yesterday .It is so vivid in my mind. Ronnie didn’t let me sleep. I got pregnant in Tanzania and that made me a fully grown lady.

Am gazing into the mirror that is rightly placed in the corridor walls leading you to our living room. My tummy is bulging and sticking out from that surface.  Cannot believe am pregnant. I have adulterated reactions, am so enthusiastic that am going to be a Mum, and on the other side, just like my mum am worried. Maybe the foetus will grow to a baby girl and she has to undergo the same circle of emotions just as I did.

All these gazing, smiles and worries are interrupted by my husband who gently touches my bumpy belly. Am abit confused, this soft feeling runs down my spinal cord leaving my thoughts in disarray with my hair going haywire. The urge of having sex is taking the centre stage. I want him inside me, to hold me gently and make me go through orgasm as many times as I could.

Am engulfed by fear on how to approach this feeling. “How do I tell him that I want sex badly”?. I know am not alone ladies. Because of morality and the so called culture,” I have to keep quiet for him to notice on his own.” I told myself.

It never happened, Ronnie is living in his own world, over taken by sudden change of events. He is so much into admiring the shape of my growing tummy yearning to be called a father

I can’t take it anymore. The urge was so persistent and sharp in the following three days. I grabbed the hand of Ronnie, pulled him to our bedroom and kissed him in a more sentimental way ever. I would hear the pulsation of his heart thumbing so fast and his eyes in dismay but I never gave him room to think.30 minutes later, I was relieved and happy.

As An act of appreciating my Handsome Ronnie and other men out there. Let me use my experience during pregnancy to point out the following.

Pregnant women wants to have sex too, just like any other married woman, moreso, in the second trimester. No nausea, Vomiting and fatigue but exploration. Sexual organs enjoy an increased blood circulation with clitoris becoming hypersensitive because of genital blood flow. Breasts are growing, increased vaginal lubrication leading to an increased libido thus an increased urge of sexual intercourse during pregnancy.

To pregnant ladies out there, stop going into an emotional frenzy preparing to tell your husband’s how you feel. Sex in marriage and during pregnancy is not a taboo.



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