Which way before marriage?

I was had an argument with a certain guy and he was telling me how he has laid down a number of girls, for his self-appeasement. I chuckled. In fact, I shied off.   Look at me at 22, turning 23 soon without a girlfriend or someone I may soon call a helper. And because a man doesn’t run away from whom God made him to be, I told him how I had had countless affairs, both broken by the act of tasting the fruits, eve forbidden garden!  He stilled laughed, what was funny? He alone knew why.

I went away, dejected.  I asked myself is love sex or is sex love?  That might be a story of another day.  Then one thing crossed my mind, how healthy is sex? If I practise it on daily basis, on a single partner, will I grow stronger in my immune and stronger in bed? What would be a connection be the two, who could give me a better link that connects sex to health? Leave alone the issue of sexually transmitted diseases and the likes of AIDs, talk about what semen carries and not the baby, the proteins in it.   It may be of my own opinions and because I majored more on arts to sciences and Biological sciences was never my think, my fallacy needs more of your correction, and it is welcomed.

The beauty of a woman doesn’t lie in the makeup she applies daily, even if she does it after every two hours, her beauty lies in the sperm of the man she marries. My pastor preached so one day and I was like, does this explain why if a couple stays for a couple of years they will look alike? Like a brother and a sister.

As my reader, or as you read this article, your views are welcomed. I need to understand if sex is healthy. I need to understand what makes a man boast about sleeping with close to five a week being healthy.

And when I saw KiriNyege businessman sorry Deputy Governor being ‘fixed’, I was sorry for him. He was trying to shed some weight only to get conned. Had his wife denied him is conjugal rights, his health? Or he was conducting his business? But ask fate, he had to deny it publically; it was a fuckin’ set up! I won’t blame him, blame his desires. The testosterone was burning high.

This takes me to a post I saw in Facebook. Two images were shown. One of a healthy sperm and another of an obsessed sperm. And on it, it was written, when you stay for too long without having sex! It took me by surprise.  One comment read ‘tell me sir, is this my fate?’ I felt his pain. Maybe we shared the same scenes.

I seek a justification. I want to know if I can practise sex on a daily basis and be a man. I want to know if my immune will be boosted by the number of women I lie with and then tell me.  I will appreciate it. And if I buy your idea, count it as a blessing.

Is sex before marriage healthy?

So, should I justify sex before marriage?


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